Michael Soul
Michael Soul is a new trend in the Belarusian show business market. This is a fresh sip of fashionable and popular music among established Belarusian artists. Michael is a participant in large-scale TV projects such as "X-Factor. Revolution (Ukraine)", "I want to Meladze (Ukraine)", "League of Laughter (Ukraine)" and "Voice (Ukraine)", in which he was lucky enough to join the team of Tina Karol. He won the Grand Prix at the contest "Young Talents of Belarus" twice, and also has a number of his singles and a mini album, called "Inside".

Separately, I would like to note the achievements of the artist in the European television contest ''Eurovision''. In 2016, as part of the duo "The Em", Michael became the finalist of the Belarusian selection for Eurovision. He was also a backing vocalist for the NaviBand group at Eurovision 2016 in Kiev.
On June 15, the artist gave his first solo concert, which fans and invited guests considered to be the most successful debut show.
«Black Friday» is a dance-pop composition with ambiguous lyrics and a bow towards modern trends. The song tells the story of a wasteful and, in a sense, ruinous love. There is a mix of emotional vocals, simple and honest lyrics together with modern musical techniques, and as a whole, it is a cocktail called «Black Friday».
+375 29 257-24-89 (telegram, viber, whatsapp)
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